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Yoga Strength Foundations

Danique Rambo Hanson

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20 videos
4 hr 2 min

As a self confessed yoga addict, I love the growing interest in yoga. Everyone wants to master inversions and arm balances, so I have customised a Training Plan to help get you there.

The key to mastering both inversions and arm balances is core strength & upper body strength. The other secret to mastering yoga is PRACTICE...repetition. Like anything, you will get results based on the work that you are willing to put in.

This is a four week plan that contains four videos (one for each week) of a short vinyasa flow style class. Each video is approximately 30 minutes. You will repeat the same Yoga Sequence three times each week. In addition, once a week, you will have one strength routine designed to compliment your Yoga practice

To be clear, this plan includes 4 video classes that are repeated each week. Each vinyasa flow or exercise will have a beginner, as well as a more advanced option, so you can work to your own level, or graduate to the harder option as you advance! As we work our way through the weeks, you will see your yoga strength improve!

Any questions, comments, feedback or photos of yourself in asanas you have mastered, please email me: [email protected]

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