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Weekend Yoga Reset

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Patrick's yoga journey started in a very simple manner practicing poses his mom learned in class on the kitchen floor. His dad encouraged him to start taking public classes by challenging him to learn how to do a handstand. Since then yoga movemen...

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Experience the rejuvenation and clarity of a yoga retreat at home. This weekend of yoga and meditation will allow you to disconnect from the world and refocus mentally, physically, and spiritually. The weekend is an important time to relax, rejuvenate and have fun, and that’s exactly how I created this plan.

Your reset begins on the first night of your weekend, where the physical practice will take you out of your head and create a fresh state of mind for the days to come. The second day (your Saturday), is all about breaking old habits and exploring new rhythms with both asana and meditation classes. On the final day, we build you up for the week ahead with an invigorating flow and an introspective meditation.

These classes will reenergize you so you can approach your week renewed from the inside, out.


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    This is a preview of Patrick Beach's "Friday / Day 1" flow.
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    How To Approach This Plan

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    Welcome! In this short video I lay out the three-day schedule and give brief descriptions for each class so you know what to expect and what’s to come.
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    Friday PM: Get Out Of Your Head

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    Welcome to your first flow of our weekend together! In this class, we use active and deliberate asana to decompress and gently disconnect from the world around us.
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    Saturday AM: Breaking Habits

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    Good morning! Today our focus is on stepping out of our usual routine. This flow will dive into the details of your personal practice and challenge you both physically and...
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    Saturday PM: Softer Side

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    In this hour-long evening class we explore the softer side of the practice by gently opening the body and connecting it to the mind.
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    Sunday AM: Building Back Up

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    We begin the final day of our weekend by cultivating a calm, quiet mind and steady, open body so that we may become more receptive to self-discovery and build a strong beli...
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    Sunday PM: Candlelit Meditation

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    In this candlelit meditation, we conclude our weekend reset by soaking in the efforts of our time together and come back to life completely refreshed and revitalized for th...

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