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The Yamas: The First Branch of Yoga

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Janet Stone has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1996 when she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather. Her practice is influenced by the meditative teachings of Prem Rawat, and exudes joyful fluidity and simplicity. Weaved wi...

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This continuing education course intended for registered yoga teachers (RYT) dives deep into the first branch of Yoga: the Yamas. As yoga teachers, we are the facilitators of deep and ancient traditions. It is our responsibility to promote self-exploration and awareness in our students, and to spread Yoga’s message of love and compassion.

This yoga philosophy course explores the five ethical guidelines of self-conduct including non-violence, honesty, trust, restraint, and non-attachment. Together we will explore each principle so you can gracefully infuse them into your classes and flows.

In this course, you will learn:
• Why the Yamas are the first branch of Yoga
• The roots and teachings of each principle
• Their importance and relevance in the modern day
• The significance of their order
• How each yama can manifest/appear within our personal asana practice and daily life
• Techniques, skills, and practical applications to employ to align your thoughts, words, and actions with these ancient tenets
• Examples of how to infuse your classes with yama philosophy, breath work, and asana

Each yama module contains three parts: a lecture; a mantra, pranayama, or mudra practice; and a full-length flow with students. In the asana classes, Janet provides inspiration for your classes by breaking down how to teach and structure a class around a Yama.

Also included in this teacher’s course is a comprehensive PDF. This 50-page workbook breaks down each yama into three sections: Learn, Practice, and Teach. The “Learn” portion of the PDF provides detailed information on each yama and contains real-world examples of when and how they appear within our lives both on and off the mat. The “Practice” and “Teach” sections invite personal reflection and development. Their homework and self-study assignments will awaken the Yamas within you by prompting you to look deep within to extract personal experiences in each yama. The result is a unique and powerful gift to both you and your students.

When we follow the yamas, our practice becomes richer, reaching newfound depths that extend beyond our rectangular mat and into our everyday life. And through this personal process, we also become better teachers – our message becomes more authentic, genuine, and clear. The words we speak, lessons we teach, and stories we share come from a well filled with ancient wisdom and personal experience.


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    This is a preview of Janet's Ahimsa Discussion.
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    This is a preview of Janet's Ahimsa Practices.
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    This is a preview of Janet's Ahimsa Asana.
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    The Yamas: Overview

    In this video, we discuss the first limb of yoga — the yamas, their importance in the practice, and how they are the basis for the other seven limbs.
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    Ahimsa: Discussion

    One of the deepest roots of Yoga is non-violence, so it is no coincidence that Ahimsa is the first yama. In this discussion, we explore the many forms of violence, and how ...
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    Ahimsa: Practices

    In this seated practice, we immerse ourselves in a Metta meditation and mantra that focus on compassionate non-harming.
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    Ahimsa: Asana

    Join me and a a group of practitioners as we continue to dive into Ahimsa and how to bring it into our lives. Together we will experience what it feels like to actively liv...
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    Satya: Discussion

    Today we explore Satya – truthfulness. We will discuss ways we can be honest and trustworthy to ourselves so that we may make sincere connections with others.
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    Satya: Practices

    The seated practices in this video empower us to live a life filled with truth, honesty, and fearlessness. Included are a Satya-inspired mudra and pranayama that you can ex...
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    Satya: Asana

    In this asana practice, we learn how to embody our inner truth so we may also embrace this personal courage and honesty out in everyday life.
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    Asteya: Discussion

    Asteya asks us to reflect upon the ways in which we take what is not ours, what is not offered, and more than we need. In this discussion we consider the myriad ways in whi...
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    Asteya: Practices

    In this seated practice, we learn how to move away from the experience of lack and how to move towards one of enoughness and abundance. Included are a Lakshmi-focused story...
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    Asteya: Asana

    Together we will evoke Lakshmi and her abundance, cultivating enoughness in our physical practice and internal dialogue. 
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    Brahmacharya: Discussion

    In this video, we discuss the many possible definitions of Brahmacharya, including as a practice of walking in alignment with the divine, how it exists in our asana practic...
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    Brahmacharya: Practices

    In this class, we embrace the balance of this yama both internally and externally with a pranayama practice and harmonium-accompanied mantra.
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    Brahmacharya: Asana

    In this asana practice, we intentionally slow down and reduce overindulgence in our life or on our mat. We move gently together, taking wonder in each breath and every moment.
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    Aparigraha: Discussion

    Aparigraha is often referred to as “the yama of letting go.” This is because this tenet teaches us how loosening our grip on needs and excess allows our mind, life, and eve...
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    Aparigraha: Practices

    Just as we inhale and exhale, Aparigraha teaches us to let things come and go with no attachment, possessiveness, or fear of losing. This seated practice includes a meditat...
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    Aparigraha: Asana

    In this fifth practice, we turn our attention inward by releasing ourselves from external distractions. We ungrip, untangle, and unfold. Join us. 

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The Yamas Guide & Workbook
This 50-page resource contains must-have tools to learn, practice, and teach the Yamas. Included are self-reflection assignments and room for journaling, prompts to inspire your teachings and sequencing, and beautifully crafted descriptions on each yama, detailing how they appear not only in your practice, but in your everyday life.

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