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Darrell is a Los Angeles-based movement coach with a specialty in calisthenics and body weight training. After constantly battling injuries from bodybuilding and soccer, he looked to calisthenics and body weight fitness as a low impact alternative...

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This is the second phase of the The Complex series. This is the routine that I used when I wanted to get strong and learn to control my body and perform advanced movements.

This month long plan diversifies our movement patterns and progressions. It takes the movements that we have been mastering in the Fundamentals level and adds more advanced movements and transitions to continue building your strength. It includes five fun and challenging workouts that repeat over a month. Beyond more complex movement patterns, we also add more volume to each workout.

By the end of this phase you will have build enormous amounts of static and dynamic strength. You will also see improvements in your your mobility, and your cardio conditioning. You will not only be able to hold positions, but be able to move from one position to another.

Let's take your training to the next level.


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