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Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. Her method incorporates both the physical and mystical aspects of the yoga practice and her c...

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Diff beginner 30Beginner and Intermediate
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This series will show you that yoga is much more than a physical practice – it’s an opportunity to use the movement and breath to express deep devotion, aligning us to the deepest parts of ourselves and opening us to connect to each other, Spirit, and the planet.

A prayer is an intention, a request, and a dialogue we have with the God/Source of Love of our own understanding. It reminds us what is important, beyond the physical body, and connects us to the love within ourselves.

Each of the five 60-75 minute classes begins with a unique intention and prayer to connect you to the day’s theme. Once mentally aligned with the class purpose, we ground the intention in the body through a physical flow. The sequencing connects body, breath, alignment, and mindfulness to support our theme whether it’s healing, happiness or connection to Source.

Each flow builds upon the one previous in information and intensity. All classes are a beautiful opportunity to blend physical movement with spiritual intention, creating a safe and sacred place for self-reflection, inquiry and connection to Love.


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    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
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    How To Approach This Plan

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    Welcome to Body and Beyond! I am honored to share these practices with you.
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    Establishing A Foundation

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    Welcome to Class 1. This moderately-paced and deliberately-instructed vinyasa flow practice focuses on the breath and alignment as the primary tools to cultivate a mindful,...
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    The Spirit Within

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    This second class opens with a dialogue about cultivating a deeper relationship to the God within and how to open to the Mystery beyond, regardless of your spiritual path.
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    Prayer For Self-Love & Forgiveness

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    The intention and prayers included in this practice reflect on the relationship what we have with ourselves, our negative self-talk, and limited beliefs. Together we will c...
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    Prayer to Serve

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    The intention and prayer included in this practice invites us to consider personal engagement and participation off the mat, and what it would mean to be of service in the ...
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    Body Prayer

    Diff beginner 20Beginner and Intermediate
    The four previous classes culminate in a beautifully integrated group class. Seane will facilitate a yoga experience that continues to introduce the power of breath, moveme...

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