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Meghan’s yoga style is a unexpected blend of strong and playful. Her flows embody curiosity, complexity, and whimsy to inject lighthearted deliciousness into sequences that are often times quite physically challenging. Like any recipe, she beli...

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Stopwatch 302 hr 33 min
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Exploration and experimentation are two key elements of a vibrant and balanced yoga practice. When our practice is filled with rigidity and seriousness, we miss out on the lighthearted elements of yoga, which is often where we discover and grow the most.

This series pulls you out of the repetitive and rigid world of yoga and invites you to play on the edges of your comfort zone. We use playful drills, unexpected sequences, and non-traditional movements to turn your perspective upside down, spark creativity, and encourage individuality.

The five classes range from 25 to 40 minutes. Each takes a lighthearted and creative approach to being upside down with new shapes and intuitive movements. Classes begin with thorough wrist prep and upper body opening and conclude with a calming savasana. All inverted movements use a wall, which allows students of diverse backgrounds to experience the delicious benefits regardless of their handstand abilities.

This series is ideal for students looking to break out of their routine and let go. Students wary of going upside down will experiment with wall work in an approachable and no-pressure format that makes trying something new an adventure instead of a worry.

Coming to your mat should be fun, not always so serious and intentional. This series is an opportunity to feel free in your body and embrace the beautiful ways it wants to move.


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    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This is a preview of Meghan Currie's "Play" series.
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    Class 1: Amuse-Bouche

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This yummy class will give you a sweet taste of spontaneity with new movements and a shifted perspective.
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    Class 2: Altitude Richness

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Build strength, dip into stability, and savor the freedom to explore!
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    Class 3: Kick Up Your Heels

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This class is a sweet little playful explosion. Remember to have fun!
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    Class 4: Horse Play

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    When we remain in the confines of our expected, we shield ourselves from realizing what is possible. Embrace the jitters and the nerves, and transform it into excitement fo...
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    Class 5: Flying High

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    “Play is the highest form of research.” Let’s play, discover, uncover, explore, observe, let loose, have fun, and invent!

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