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Making Shapes Flows

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Dana Falsetti is an international yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-care. With a combined following of over 400,000, she shares her message across social media that anybody can practice yoga and ...

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Welcome to Making Shapes Flows! This series introduces intermediate yoga postures in progressive yet lighthearted flows.

Each of the five classes is designed to help you move into a space where you feel inspired to try things you may think aren’t for you whether that’s building strength, learning arm balances like Crow, or backbending. These classes are faster-paced to intentionally empower you to push yourself to explore new postures and play with different progressions.

Beyond working on key postures, there is a class dedicated to flexibility and restorative poses. This will counterbalance the strength and asana work and give you a complete and well-rounded practice.

Most importantly, the goal of this series is to provide you with a safe, no-pressure environment where you feel empowered to push beyond the limits you set for yourself – or that others place upon you.


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    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This is a preview of Dana Falsetti's "Making Shapes Flows" series.
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    How To Approach This Plan

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Hi friends! In this quick video I go a little bit deeper into my hopes for you and intent behind creating this series.
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    Strength Flow

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This class is perfect whether you’re new to yoga or not, because having a solid understanding of foundational shapes is essential to a strong practice. I encourage you to r...
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    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    If you’re hesitant about taking this class, it means that you should do it! Yes, the word “inversion” can be intimidating, but this class is not so much about getting upsid...
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    Backbend Flow

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Wheel is the peak posture of this flow. If it’s not yet a part of your practice, I’ll show you how to build up to it. And it if you already have this pose, you’ll learn how...
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    Arm Balance Flow

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    The arm balances we’ll play with in this class are Crow, Titibasana, and Eka Pada Koundinyasana. The key word here is “play”. Whether you have these poses or not, keep a li...
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    Restorative Flow

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This class is ideal for active recovery days or on days you feel like you need some extra self-care to feel good!

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