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Irene's love for yoga is contagious. She began practicing in 2012 and immediately knew she had found her path. When she did her first 200 hour teacher training she did not intend to teach right away, but she soon realized that sharing yoga with ot...

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This 4-piece program is the no fluff way to the build strength, flexibility and balance needed to unlock the coveted hollowback, a variation of Pincha Mayurasana.

The series begins with Strength and Flexibility Fundamentals where you will learn how to develop shoulder strength, wrist mobility and more so that your body is prepped, ready and familiar with the elements of hollowback. Next we move on to Balance & Learning How To Fall, since most of the fear in inversions is in safely exiting the pose. Though the goal is to one day attempt hollowbacks away from the wall, in the third video we will use the wall to help you get into deeper stretches and variations of the hollowback pose. This will strengthen your muscle memory and boost your confidence. And in the final video I show you several different variations on how to get into the coveted free-standing handstand.

Though there are some foundational elements to the videos in this plan, the series is geared towards the practitioner who has a solid headstand practice.


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    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This is a preview of the Strength and Flexibility Workout
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    How To Approach

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Welcome! I’m so happy you’re with me! This series consists of four videos – all of which will get you prepped, balanced, strengthened and confident so you can begin adding ...
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    Strength & Flexibility Workout

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Welcome! In this video we’ll cover some strength and flexibility fundamentals for your shoulders, wrists, chest and core to get your body prepped and ready for hollowbacks.
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    Balance & How to Fall Properly

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Today’s focus is on balance and how to properly fall. When it comes to arm balances and inversions, it is usually fear that holds us back.
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    Wall Variations

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Today we use the wall to get into some deeper strength and flexibility-building variations to further prepare ourselves for hollowbacks.
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    Free-Standing Hollowback

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Welcome to the final hollowback progression! Today we will start with some light prep work then move on to several different variations of how to get into a free-standing h...

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