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Ashley Galvin is a Yoga Instructor based out of Manhattan Beach, California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility. Ashley teaches a strong and dynamic flow that will give you a deep understanding of the practice and culti...

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This revolutionary program gives you everything you need to achieve your Complete Body. A body that is strong and flexible. A body that is balanced and looks great, but most importantly, one that makes you feel your best! That’s what this program will give you, whether if you have only 10 minutes or an hour to dedicate each day.

This program brings it all together into short, powerful workouts that will dramatically strengthen and tone your whole body. Each of the 20-minute classes works the whole body with an emphasis in one area such as the arms, chest, hips and core. Instead of leaving you stiff and tight like other workouts, the workouts are designed to build strength while also opening up the body with yoga-inspired movements. And because flexibility is a crucial element of strength, I’ve included a 10-minute stretching video that will lengthen and soothe your muscles so you can continue expressing your full potential.

My hope is that this series helps you deepen your mind/body connection and provides you with the tools to develop a complete and meaningful practice. I made it to be molded to fit YOUR life so you can reap the lifelong benefits of committing to your mat every day!


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    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This is a preview of Ashley Galvin's "Complete Side Body 1" class.
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    How To Approach This Plan

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Thank you for joining me!
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    Complete Vinyasa Flow 1

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Welcome to your full Vinyasa flow class! This class is yours – let it be fun and filled with gratitude!
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    Complete Side Body 1

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This class is all about the side body including obliques, core and outer hip work. Let’s get started!
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    Complete Back Strength

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    This back strengthening class includes both strong and dynamic moves that will open your back and increase flexibility.
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    Complete Psoas

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    If you spend much of your day sitting, you’ll love this class! We’ll lengthen and strengthen your psoas with a wide variety of standing and laying movements.
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    Complete Core

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Core is my favorite area to work because it’s where our power comes from. This class will work your entire midsection so all of your movements will be stronger!
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    Complete Chest & Arms

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    In this class you’ll open your chest and release tension in your arms before strengthening both with some dynamic yoga-inspired exercises.
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    Complete Stretch 1

    Diff intermediate 20Intermediate
    Today we focus on the softer side of strength with flexibility and stretching. If you have more than 10 minutes to dedicate to this class, I encourage you to pause the vide...

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