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Chair Yoga

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Dana Falsetti is an international yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-care. With a combined following of over 400,000, she shares her message across social media that anybody can practice yoga and ...

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Chair Yoga provides a safe and welcoming space for those with limited mobility, who experience trouble getting up and down, or who want to explore a new approach to having a meaningful and powerful yoga practice.

Included are seven classes of varied length and content. The classes can be taken individually, or combined to create a personalized routine that works for you. Three of the videos are 10-15 minute movement classes filled with modified sun salutations, forward folds, and warrior postures. The intention behind each of the three classes is different: one is geared towards an energetic morning class, another is for unwinding at night time, and another is intended for any time.

The two 5-10 minute classes focus entirely on breath work and meditation. These are suitable for quick breaks to reset and recenter during busy days, or they can be added to the beginning or end of any of the other classes to amplify your mind-body connection.

And lastly, the two 20-25 minute classes allow us to spend more time in our practice. One is a more movement-based class where we use the chair to build strength and balance from standing instead of seated. The other class is restorative, allowing us to access the softer side of the practice with the chair or on the floor and with the support of comfy props.

Remember: props and modifications do not make it any less of a yoga practice. If you’re breathing, moving, mindful, and connected, you are practicing yoga.


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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    Try a complete Chair Yoga practice and experience Dana Falsetti's teaching style by previewing her entire "Boost" class.
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This class is designed to be your morning practice! Foster some energy for your day and bring some movement and connection into your intention.
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This class is your go to when you need to decompress, keep stress in check, and is a great option for gentle movement at the end of your day.
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This class is for anytime you want! A quick boost ideal for a midday refresh. This one is especially wonderful for those who sit at desks all day and would like to add a fe...
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This class offers a relaxing and restorative practice with some chair seated options and some on the floor for those who can access it. This class incorporated lots of prop...
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This sightly longer class features standing postures using the chair to aid with balance and creating stability as you move around the mat.
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This is a short, seated meditation to help you reconnect and center.
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    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    This is a short, seated introduction to pranayama (breath work) for you to explore the power of breath in a passive state.

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