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Dylan was born and raised in the mountains of Southern California. Having a passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle, he dedicated his life to pursuing this way of living. With a background in wrestling, rock climbing, martial arts and h...

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This plan will set you up for success in your growing Yoga practice by taking the skills and techniques from my Yoga Strength Basics plan and applying them to 30-minute Vinyasas.

Each of the five flows focus on a different topic such as Vinyasa building, core power, backbends, and mobility to deepen your emerging skills while you simultaneously increase and challenge your upper and lower body strength.

If you haven't taken my Yoga Strength Basics program, but you’re just getting into Yoga and want to move, flow and practice your movements while getting stronger and more flexible, this plan will get you there!


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    This is a 15-minute preview of Dylan's Vinyasa Flow class.
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    How To Approach This Plan

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    I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me! Let’s quickly discuss how to best use this plan.
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    Vinyasa Flow

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    In this class we’ll focus on building our Vinyasa while simultaneously strengthening the upper body.
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    Power Core Flow

    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    Today’s class will center around strengthening and stabilizing the core. With the core, we support the body!
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    Backbend Flow

    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    Backbends are challenging movements and require flexibility and time to develop. As you deepen your skills, be sure you’re supporting and stabilizing the low back and core ...
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    Mobility Flow

    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    Welcome! Today we’ll work on range of motion and mobility, both of which are crucial and required to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!
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    Restorative Practice

    Diff beginner 20Beginner
    Having a restorative practice gives the mind and body the rest they need to recover from the movements, to process the information, and grow! This class will leave you feel...

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You can download entire plans or individual videos to your phone or tablet using our iOS and Android apps. Once you complete your download no internet connection is needed! Learn how to download for offline access here.

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