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Jessamyn found yoga while caught in the undertow of depression, after her weight had spiked to its peak. Jessamyn’s yoga practice transformed her life and helped mend decades of self-imposed body shame and negativity. Yoga is for everybody, and Je...

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Entering a yoga class for the first time can feel intimidating, but no matter your size, age, or level of experience, yoga is meant for everybody.

In this series, Jessamyn creates a safe and empowering atmosphere where those brand new to yoga can build confidence in the four major pillars of a strong practice: breath, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Jessamyn’s teachings cover far more than what is addressed in typical “all-levels” yoga classes, and in an approachable and authentic way. Each of the four yoga pillars is divided into two classes: one 10-15 minute tutorial class where you will learn key techniques behind each pillar, and one 30-40 minute active class where these techniques are applied to corresponding poses through approachable flows. The eight classes are designed to build upon each other and provide a comprehensive and easy-to-follow introduction to basic Vinyasa yoga.

At the end of this 26-day series, you will understand the importance of breathing in poses, the names of postures, and how to use props to achieve your variation. But most importantly, you will have experienced yoga in a judgement-free environment and embarked on your personal path to create a fun and fulfilling yoga practice that will bring peace and joy for years to come.


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