Krissy Cagney’s Online Workout Videos on Cody

Krissy Cagney

New York City

Krissy was introduced into the fitness world at a young age, as both of her parents were top triathletes in Hawaii in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Upon moving to Reno, her parents continued as athletes and Krissy began working as a personal trainer in college. Battling severe drug addiction and alcoholism from the age of 16, Krissy found that fitness was the only thing that kept her holding on throughout her troublesome times as an addict. Her love for fitness brought her into the bodybuilding world, where she first became very fascinated by what the human physique is capable of. Still very young, Krissy was focused solely on aesthetics in her early 20s as a trainer.

In 2012, Krissy’s internet presence soared, especially after getting heavily involved in CrossFit around the country. She was offered a job as a coach at Rise Above Fitness in Orange County. It is here where Krissy’s passion flourished. All of sudden she realized there is so much more to fitness than looking good…she realized how strong the human body can get. This is when she began powerlifting. Krissy became a Westside Barbell coach in 2013. Upon becoming physically strong, Krissy also became mentally strong by getting completely sober from drugs and alcohol in May of 2013; her biggest accomplishment yet.

Krissy moved to New York City in pursue of her biggest dream: to open her very own strength and conditioning gym to share her passion with as many people as possible. Krissy owns Doughnuts & Deadlifts (a lifestyle brand) as well as Black Iron Gym. Her days in NYC are spent eating, lifting, and writing her next book in hopes to inspire and educate the entire fitness industry.

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