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Work hard, find softness. MacKenzie Miller will leave you feeling as if you have flirted with gravity and laughed with the divine. Students are instantaneously transported away from the hustle of their daily lives, allowing their mat to be an aren...

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Have you ever wanted to give Yoga a try, but you feel intimidated? If so, this fun and approachable bundle is the perfect introduction to yoga postures and incorporating them into full-length flows so you feel prepared and confident when you enter a Yoga studio!

It consists of two plans and 5½ hours of content to boost your confidence and build experience on the mat. The 12 videos in Intro to Yoga will break down a wide range of foundational postures, teach you proper alignment, and provide you with modifications so you can approach each pose at a level that suits you best. The second plan puts all of those poses into action in 20-35 minute flows. Each of the five classes will expose you to how it feels to move in full-length flows like you would in a studio – all while simultaneously awakening new muscle groups, removing tension and improving your flexibility!

2 Plans included in this Bundle

MacKenzie Miller's "Beginner Yoga Classes" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This plan is the perfect way to begin your Yoga practice! It contains a wide variety of beginner yoga postures to help you get acclimated and connected to the movements you’ll experience in an entry-level Ashtanga or Vinyasa class. If you’ve wanted to give Yoga a try, but you’re not quite ready to dive into a studio setting, these classes are exactly what you’re looking for!

The plan contains five 20-35 minute Yoga flows that incorporate a range of foundational movements including Warrior, Chaturanga, Side Plank, Tree and Headstand poses. Each class will focus on certain movements and will target specific areas such as Hips and Balance, Heart-Opening, and Twisting.

MacKenzie Miller's "Introduction to Yoga" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This plan will give you the gift of Yoga, and help you feel good in your body. Yoga allows you to tap into your inner self, seek clarity and develop a deeper connection to the world around you by combining movement, focus and breath. It is a way to unite your mental, physical and spiritual sides all while bringing fitness into your life. By the end of this series you will have a solid foundation in basic movements so that you feel comfortable, confident and at ease when joining a Yoga class or beginning your own at-home practice.

This month-long series consists of 12 workouts that repeat over a 30-day period. In this time we will cover a wide variety of standard yoga poses found in most entry Vinyasa or Ashtanga classes such as Sun Salutations, Downward Dog and Warrior. We will also open up your body with backbending stretches, help you feel comfortable upside down with some inversion variations, and work your core with strengthening exercises.

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30 Day Practice Calendar (PDF)
A 30 day practice calendar that gives you day-by-day instructions about which workouts to do every day as you begin your Yoga journey.

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How does this bundle work?
A bundle packages together a set of complementary plans on a given subject. Each plan includes video-based classes. It’s 100% online, so you can watch the videos on Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android: any device with an internet connection!
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You only need to pay the difference! If you're logged into the site you should see your special pricing which takes into account how much you already spent on the plan.
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Just one time for any paid plan or bundle. We won't charge you monthly. It's a one-time, upfront fee, and that's it.
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You have lifetime access to the plan. In other words, it never expires. Months, even years from now you can re-use the plan without paying again.
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If you're unhappy for any reason, email us within 30 days of purchasing on the web, and we will give you a full refund. No strings attached.
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You can download entire plans or individual videos to your phone or tablet using our iOS and Android apps. Once you complete your download no internet connection is needed! Learn how to download for offline access here.
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