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Dylan grew up in the mountains of Southern California, where at an early age he was into fitness, movement, extreme sports, and nature. At 18, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as an aircraft firefighter, and also wrestled for the A...

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This training program is for anyone who wants to unlock your body's potential and discover your true strength! You will learn to perform advanced bodyweight movements, transitions and control your body as you move through space. As you master your body, you will develop a lot more than muscular strength. You will develop the proprioception required to master body control, balance and spacial orientation.

This 3-phase program is progressive in nature, and includes the strength programming for an 11-14 week cycle. It includes over 100 movements that get progressively more difficult as you advance through the series. No equipment is required.

The fundamentals level builds the foundation of your true strength. In Level I, we advance our movement mechanics with longer holds, more advanced movements and transitions. By Level II, we combine our movement patterns and develop the body awareness to carry ourselves as we move through space.

You don't have to lift weights to get strong. You just need your body, a good plan, and hard work. That's what I'm giving you. Go through this program and you will be stronger than you have been in your entire life.

3 Plans included in this Bundle

Dylan Werner's "True Strength Fundamentals" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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I’m here to teach you how to become strong. If you want to build incredible strength and control using just your bodyweight, this training plan is for you!

True strength is a lot more than just building muscle. It’s about building the strength required to control your body and move your body through space. It's about learning how to harness all of the muscles in your body to perform advanced movements like the planche or firefly or transitions like crow to handstand.

This plan includes over 40 unique movements that train you to engage your entire body as you move through space. These movements are fundamental and serve as the foundation of future movements. This plan is intended for all levels, but is particularly geared towards the beginner to intermediate athlete.

Included are three workouts that repeat over a three week period. Each workout includes a warmup, a strength routine and a cooldown. Each workout has you going through over 20 different movements. Expect to add raw strength and lean muscle that, most importantly, you know how to engage and control.

Finally, in this program you are not only learning how to become stronger, you will also learn how to become flexible. To become truly strong, we need to open up flexibility while building our strength and control. This is true strength, and this is what I’m going to teach you.

Dylan Werner's "True Strength Builder I" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This is the second phase of the 3-part True Strength series.

This month long plan diversifies our movement mechanics and includes over 60 movement progressions. It takes the movements that we have been learning in the Fundamentals level and add longer holds, more advanced movements and transitions to help you continue building true strength. It includes five fun and challenging workouts that repeat over a month.

This is the absolute best way to build strength using just your bodyweight. It's the routine that I used when I was learning how to control my body and perform advanced arm balances and inversions.

If you're looking to bring your practice to the next level, to take your strength to the next level, and to develop true control over your body, this is for you! Go through this routine, and I promise that you will be stronger than you've ever been in your entire life.

Dylan Werner's "True Strength Builder II" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This is the third phase of the 3-part True Strength series. This is where the real magic happens and the crazy movements come out.

The movements in this series are advanced and have a high carry-over into other forms of fitness. By the end of this phase you will have build enormous amounts of static and dynamic strength. You will not only be able to hold positions, but be able to move from one advanced position to another.

As you progress through the 70+ movements in this plan you'll build not only muscular strength, but also develop the proprioception to master body control, balance and spacial orientation.

If you've made it through True Strength Builder I you should be feeling really strong. Just like level I, this is a month long program that has you doing work five days a week. Included are five workouts that introduce you to the next 40 movement progressions. But unlike level I, it's harder, longer and more intense.

If you want to be strong it's going to take hard work. This plan is hard, but the payoff is great. If you want to master your own body go through this plan, and I promise you will discover your true strength.

Plus, this bonus only available with the bundle

Fitness Assessment Tests (PDF)
Free gift description: A set of fitness tests designed to evaluate if you are ready to move to from one level to the next. Each test includes detailed instruction on alignment and posture.

See what people are saying about these plans

Gabriel messuti
Gabriel Messuti

"This course rocks. The team feel and commitment from Dylan and the members to train everyday is beyond inspiring. Dylan's cues are on point and his sequencing is refreshing on my body. This safe fundamentals video is perfect for a new student easing their way into a practice, or the advanced practitioner looking to discover untapped potential. This product surpasses its value by leaps and bounds."

Paul J

"I've been training with his program for a month and have already seen dramatic changes in my body control and strength. Before this I was CrossFitting 5x a week. Now I'm using Dylan's program almost exclusively, because it's that good. It's crazy not only how STRONG I'm becoming but how FLEXIBLE I'm becoming. With this program I know I will build the strength to control my body through space and rock advanced inversions. It's also a lot of fun to practice with Dylan. His instruction is on point and I learn something every time I watch the videos."

Douglas Machado

"As a fitness coach I am always looking to broaden my knowledge on fitness and other practices. Dylan Werner's strength program taugh me so much in just 10 sessions, everything for breathing to straight arm scapula strength. What I enjoyed most was the explanations on everything he was teaching and performing, it allowed me to build more trust in his program."

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Heidi B

"What I love the most about Dylan’s programs is the combination of warmup, strength building and flexibility - you get it all in this program! Dylan has a positive way of encouraging you to push your limits in a safe way. I love how he guides you through it all with a smile and he is right there with you. The True Strength bundle has made a big difference in my practice, making me stronger and more flexible at the same time, this program has it all!"

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Thomas H

"This series has taken me on an amazing journey with physical as well as mental development on my path of yoga. Dylan has managed to put together a wide range of exercises that both opens up the body and at the same time builds a solid foundation of strength by combining stretching with intense workouts. The key to true strength lies in this exact combination, and what really encouraged me to keep up with the program is the huge depth and impact this training has. I have never tried anything else that could give me such clear and quick progressions and results as the True Strength Bundle!"

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Theresa D

"After Dylan's Fundamentals and Strength Builder, I feel and see extreme improvement in strength and flexibility. I've never been strong before and couldn't hold plank pose or handstand for even a few seconds - now I can do it! Even if I still have to make modifications, I know that if I keep practicing, all is coming! Dylan's program simply works and brought my practice to a new level! "

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