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Darrell is a Los Angeles-based movement coach with a specialty in calisthenics and body weight training. After constantly battling injuries from bodybuilding and soccer, he looked to calisthenics and body weight fitness as a low impact alternative...

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This 60-day calisthenics-based training program is for anyone who wants to build incredible strength and control using just your bodyweight. Not only will you get stronger, you will learn to move better.

Once I discovered calisthenics, I quickly learned that I didn’t need weights in order to maintain – or even improve – my fitness. I went from relying on lifting and weight training to being completely weight-free and stronger than ever! This series has all of the tools so you can do the same.

A Complex workout is a series of 1-min strength intervals of static & dynamic movement patterns. This sequencing will develop your ability to hold positions, transition between positions, as well as increase your cardiovascular strength and endurance. In the Foundations plan, we start by strengthening your wrists, shoulders and hips with static movements like planks, push-ups and hollow bodies. Next you’ll graduate to the Builder where we’ll take those same base movements and add complexity with advanced variations and progressions.

The strength, mobility, and motor-control you develop in this program can be applied to any type of sport including yoga, gymnastics, rock climbing, and more. There is no limit to your strength, because your body is your training tool – not the equipment around you. I can’t wait to help you explore your movement potential!

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Darrell Michnowicz's "The Complex Builder" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This is the second phase of the The Complex series. This is the routine that I used when I wanted to get strong and learn to control my body and perform advanced movements.

This month long plan diversifies our movement patterns and progressions. It takes the movements that we have been mastering in the Fundamentals level and adds more advanced movements and transitions to continue building your strength. It includes five fun and challenging workouts that repeat over a month. Beyond more complex movement patterns, we also add more volume to each workout.

By the end of this phase you will have build enormous amounts of static and dynamic strength. You will also see improvements in your your mobility, and your cardio conditioning. You will not only be able to hold positions, but be able to move from one position to another.

Let's take your training to the next level.

Darrell Michnowicz's "The Complex Foundations" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This plan is the first stage of The Complex series. You will build the foundations of your strength, body awareness and control. You don't have to lift weights to get strong – you just need your body, a solid plan and hard work. That's what I'm giving you.

The five workouts I constructed include many of the movements I used when I ventured into calisthenics. You will strengthen your smaller joints and muscles like your wrists, shoulders, and triceps, as well as working your larger muscles like your legs, arms, glutes, and hips. Each workout has approximately 12 minutes of strength work which is then followed by skill work. The skill work will put your strength and cardiovascular conditioning to the test by challenging you to replicate movement patterns with proper form when you aren’t completely fresh.

Calisthenics is functional movement – you can apply what you learn with me to movements in your everyday life and your favorite sport.

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Linh L

"I LOVE this program, and that says a lot since in the military I never liked calisthenics. I never thought I would do it voluntarily after leaving the forces with several injuries. Darrell definitely designed this to be fairly low-impact, which is perfect for the injury-prone like myself. They're short and easy to squeeze into any busy schedule. It works all parts of your body and helps to develop both static and dynamic strength, which have been super beneficial to my yoga practice."

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Paul R

"This program is awesome! The way Darrell explains the exercises really teaches you how to engage the correct muscles for each movement! In three weeks I've already seen and felt massive gains in strength that are not only helping me get closer to my next goal of the planche, but improved my calisthenics all round! I encourage anyone with very little time on their hands who wants to get fitter and stronger than ever before to give this a go!"

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Simon N

"The Complex Bundle is a well-structured and thought-out plan. It teaches me to concentrate on form and precision, and has helped me work out injury free! Darrell gives clear and concise instruction and guides you expertly through your day’s exercise, split between strength routines and skill sets. It will improve your overall strength, flexibility, stamina and balance!"

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