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Racheal Weathers is committed to bringing self-care to the black and brown community. As a self-taught yogi, she understands the patience and discipline required to begin and maintain a meaningful yoga practice. Her unique blend of yoga asana with...

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It is my mission to bring self-care and self-love to the black and brown community. Too often women are told that sacrificing their own needs for others is a noble act, but the truth is that practicing self-care allows you to be more present in every other area of your life: family, friends, work, and the community.

To “Practice Royalty” means to practice prioritizing your own needs, to view yourself as worthy of self-care, and to crown yourself in a powerful confidence on and off the mat. You are a Queen, and when you invest in self-care, you enrich your own life and the lives of those around you.

This 60-day series introduces women to a daily practice of self-care through yoga and meditation. Starting from the ground up, each class in the first Practice Royalty plan navigates safely and slowly through foundational postures and sequences. The flows are an opportunity to move, sweat and relieve daily stresses. In Practice Royalty 2 the flows are faster, the poses are deeper and the intensity is higher. Combined, these two series will show you the soft and strong sides of self-care. Every day you’ll leave your mat feeling strong, empowered, and regal from the inside out.

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Racheal Weathers's "Practice Royalty 1" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This month-long series will show women, especially those in the black and brown community, how to use yoga to practice self-care so they can bring their full selves into their family, friends, job, and community. You are a queen and deserve to treat yourself like royalty!

I see women who thrive in every area of their lives, especially in taking care of others, but who lack tremendously in the areas of self-care and self-love. When you have a practice that will enrich your body and soul, the stronger the mother, wife, partner, teacher, and community member you can be. My goal is to show you that you are royalty, and you are worthy of self-care.

Starting from the ground up, each class navigates safely and slowly through foundational postures and sequences. The flows are an opportunity to move, sweat, and relieve daily stresses. You’ll leave your mat feeling empowered, strong, and regal from the inside, out.

Racheal Weathers's "Practice Royalty 2" Online Video Workouts on Cody

It is my mission to teach the value of self-care and self-love to the black and brown community. I created these classes to help women realize their own self-care needs deserve to be a priority and to treat themselves like royalty!

This month-long series builds upon the postures and sequencing from the first Practice Royalty plan. While we continue to focus on cultivating the mindset of a Queen from the inside, out, these flows are faster, the poses are deeper and the intensity is higher. This is so you can elevate your self-care routine to a sweatier, more empowered and more connected practice in the same amount of time.

Each of us is a powerful matriarch in our own way: We are mentors, mothers, business women, and community leaders who face a unique set of challenges as women in the modern world. When we Practice Royalty, we are all better equipped to rise to the occasion with grace, poise and wisdom.

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