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About the coach

Dana Falsetti is an international yoga teacher, writer, and advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-care. With a combined following of over 400,000, she shares her message across social media that anybody can practice yoga and ...

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Bundle Overview

Whether you're just starting yoga or have a larger body, this 2-part series is the perfect way to start your practice and learn intermediate postures like backbends, arm balances, headstands and handstands. This 60-day bundle will teach you that your yoga practice is not limited to your body. You don't have to wait until you're in a different place in your life to begin exploring and expressing your potential!

In Making Shapes 1 you'll build strength, flexibility and confidence and learn how to break down yoga poses into a series of foundational shapes. In Making Shapes 2, you'll continue advancing your practice and begin incorporating intermediate skills and poses into a strong and safe Vinyasa flow.

Each plan includes 7 videos: 3 Instructional videos, 3 Flow classes, and 1 Strength class. The Strength videos will help you prepare for the other classes by developing strength in your shoulders, back, core and wrists while the Instructional videos focus on alignment, techniques and tips that helped me when I was first starting out. You'll put your strength and learnings into action in the Flow classes.

I created this series to share with you the world of possibilities open to you both on and off your mat. Far too often we place limits upon ourselves, and I hope that this series helps you realize that anything is possible!

2 Plans included in this Bundle

Dana Falsetti's "Making Shapes 2" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This plan takes the strength, flexibility and foundational shapes developed in Making Shapes 1 and provides opportunities to apply them to intermediate postures like headstands, arm balances and backbends. You'll learn to allow new possibilities into your practice by being open to the journey and by continuing to challenge yourself.

Before you begin this series, I recommend first completing Making Shapes 1, unless you already have a consistent Yoga practice. This is to ensure you have mastered the basic shapes and concepts as well as developed the muscular strength and skill needed to safely and successfully take on more advanced movements like Crow, Sirsasana and Wheel.

This series' structure mirrors the programming of the first Making Shapes, making for a seamless transition between plans. Included are 3 Instructional videos, 3 Flow classes, and 1 Strength class. The Instructional videos will break down each posture so you can rebuild it with a solid understanding. The Flow classes are an opportunity to incorporate these new movements into your practice. The Strength class in this plan focuses on shoulders and core, since both are crucial to all inversions, arm balances and backbends.

Dana Falsetti's "Making Shapes" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This series breaks down intermediate yoga postures such as backbends, headstands and arm balances, and makes them accessible to anyone, especially those in larger bodies. This series will teach you that your yoga practice is not limited to your body. You don’t have to wait until you’re in a different place in life to begin exploring your potential.

It’s easy to be intimidated by intermediate and advanced postures, but they are all simply variations of shapes made in fundamental poses. This series breaks down those postures and teaches you how to build strength and flexibility from the ground up in order to access them in your own practice.

This plan has 3 Instructional videos, 3 Flow classes and 1 Strength class. The Strength video will help you prepare for the other videos by developing strength in your shoulders, back and core while the Instructional videos focus on alignment and break down postures to their foundational shapes. You'll put all your learnings into action in the Flow classes.

These tough postures are possible for anyone who commits to a daily yoga practice that focuses on creating a solid foundation of strength and shapes. If you show up, the rest will come!

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