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This strength program bridges the gap between Powerlifting and Olympic-Style Weightlifting. You will see significant strength gains in your lifts, regardless of your age, genetics or body type. While you’re getting strong you will also be advancing your barbell movement mechanics week by week. By the end of this program you will have developed the strength and proprioception to begin an Olympic Weightlifting cycle.

This program is progressive in nature and includes a 4-phase strength program that lasts 13-20 weeks. It starts with the Beginner Strength plan, which is designed for the novice weightlifter to become comfortable with the barbell and give a solid foundation in functional barbell movement. Strength Builder I is used to continue building strength by adding accessory work and volume into your workouts. In Strength Builder II you’ll advance your movement mechanics with the Conjugate Method, which combines variations, heavy loads and dynamic effort to help you overcome strength plateaus. In the final phase, Strength Builder III, the sexy movements come out with varying rep schemes and skill transfer to set the stage for Olympic-style lifting programs.

This is a very fun program where you never stop learning and never stop improving. You will overcome strength plateaus and learn to move a barbell efficiently, with power and control. If you want to get strong while learning to move well and take your barbell movements to higher forms, look no further. All you need is this program, a barbell, and hard work. That is what I’m giving you.

4 Plans included in this Bundle

Krissy Cagney's "Beginner Strength" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This beginner strength plan is guaranteed get you strong regardless of your age, genetics or body type. You should expect to see significant gains in your strength, as measured by "big 5" of weightlifting: the backsquat, bench press, overhead press, barbell row and deadlift.

My philosophy is that you don't need a bunch of fancy equipment. You just need a barbell and a good program and that's exactly what I'm giving you. While this program is simple, it works. As a result, it is very useful for any newcomer to the weight training game, as well as anyone who is making a "comeback" to the gym or the "iron sport."

This program sticks to a classic rep schedule that will have you feeling great and seeing quick results. This is a three day a week program that runs for four weeks. There are two workouts that repeat over this period. Please, no cardio during this period. Rest as needed.

Equipment needed: barbell, plates, and resistance bands

The magic of this program is that there is no magic. It's very simple, it works, and it will set you up for what's to come.

Krissy Cagney's "Strength Builder I" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This phase is the second part of the 4-part strength program. At this point you've probably done my Beginning Strength plan and you're comfortable with the barbell. This is where it's going to get fun.

In this plan we advance our movement mechanics and introduce a variety of new movements, accessory work, and volume. Your strength will start to become more functional and have a higher carry over to other forms of movement.

Everything in this program has a purpose. I'm not here to give you a bunch of pointless shit. The accessory work and volume are designed to help you continue to get stronger with the big "four": the squat, the deadlift, the overhead press and the bench press.

This is a four day a week program that runs for three weeks. There are four workouts that repeat over this period. Work hard and have fun!

Krissy Cagney's "Strength Builder II" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This is phase three of my 4-part Functional Barbell Strength program.

In this phase we introduce the conjugate method of training, which links together various related exercises to advance your barbell movement mechanics and overcome any strength plateaus you might be feeling.

This is a three week plan that includes 9 unique workouts. No two workouts are the same. Every week we advance your barbell mechanics by implementing variations of the deadlift, squat, and bench press and combine them together to keep you getting stronger and more explosive in your movements.

This plan is great for intermediate weightlifters, and is targeted at those who have completed the previous levels of my program.

While this program is complex in nature, it is simple to follow. You don’t need intricate machines or expensive equipment.

Krissy Cagney's "Strength Builder III" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This fourth and final plan takes the power lifting and strength training skills we developed in the earlier Strength Builder phases and links them to the world of Olympic weightlifting. We turn up the intensity by focusing on skill transfer and movement progressions. By the end of this plan, you will have the strength, explosive power and body weight proficiency required to easily transfer into Olympic weightlifting programs.

In this phase, my friends Drew and Matt will join me to show you how to transfer the skills you have learned in my previous programs and apply them to Olympic-style weightlifting. This is a three week program with three workouts per week. Each week our rep scheme will change and the lift variations will advance. This will continue to challenge you and make you stronger.

We're also incorporating "active rest" days in this plan. Since you're lifting three times a week with substantially heavier loads, your days off should be treated differently in order to avoid fatigue, injury, and promote recovery.

Phase III was designed for graduates of my previous Strength Builder programs. This is because you have the strength and solid understanding of the “big four” lifts, linear progressions and the conjugate method. As the programming has advanced, so has your skill set. All of the methods and movements you have learned in my previous programs will be used together to complete this series.

Plus, this bonus only available with the bundle

Functional Nutrition for Functional Strength (PDF)
A short e-book to teach you proper nutrition when going through a strength cycle, regardless of if your goal is to build muscle or lose weight.

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