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Patrick is based in Los Angeles, CA and travels the world leading classes, workshops, and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers by Greatist & Sonima Live, his strong presence has allowed him to share yo...

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A Portland, Oregon based yoga teacher, Carling is known for her lighthearted attention to detail and commitment to the growth of her students. Connecting individuals to the practice through intelligent and informed sequencing, compassionate, inten...

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Bundle Overview

This 90-day bundle will expand your yoga practice physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every day you will do something positive for yourself, whether you need strong, challenging Vinyasa flows, calming restorative practices, breathwork, or Pranayama meditations. You’ll inject everything you learn in fun flow experiences that will build and deepen your practice at your own pace.

This bundle consists of five plans, 27 workouts, and includes a 90-day practice calendar and Carling's nutrition guide. With Patrick’s Next Level plans you’ll work through strong Vinyasa flows to develop an understanding of your body in space, strengthen your core, and advance your inversions and arm balances. Carling’s plans provide the opportunity to take time, check in and use yoga as a gift you give to yourself. You’ll create space, open up and re-center with refreshing flows and gentle restoratives. Together they introduce the powerful backbends plan to open up your front body and bring new life into the places that are so often closed off.

Let the next 90 days be about you, your practice and your body. We hope these tools help you discover new places in yourself and your practice.

5 Plans included in this Bundle

Patrick Beach's "Next Level Core" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This plan will teach you to cultivate serious core strength so you can bring your yoga practice to the next level.

This month-long plan consists of five flow classes that will target, isolate, and engage various areas of your core including obliques, front and back body, and low abs.

The first four videos target a different element of core strength and focus on building muscles that will help you hold arm balances and inversions, stabilize you in poses like Warrior III, and make you feel lighter in your Navasana. The fifth and final class is a culmination of the skills we have practiced over the course of the week and where you can test yourself and your growing skills in an hour-long flow. Each week you will notice movements and poses will begin to unlock because of your developing core strength!

Core strength is more than just having a ripped six-pack – it’s about having control, stability and balance, and that is exactly what I will show you in this plan!

Patrick Beach's "Next Level Inversions" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This 30-day plan is a progressive all-in-one guide to teach you how to bring all types of inversions into your practice!

Over the course of four weeks we will flow through classes that that will strengthen your body and hone your skills to a particular inversion whether it be handstands, headstands, arm balances or forearm balances. Best of all, at the end of every week we will bring it all together in a full-length flow class which is your chance to put into practice all of the skills you have learned and practiced in the previous lessons!

Each class is sequenced carefully to warm-up your body and build awareness to enter the peak inversion and explore multiple variations of the pose. We will also learn several ways of entering and exiting each inversion, which will build your shoulder strength and arm stability, improve your balance, and engage your core.

What makes this series different is the month-long programming that grows with you. Each week you will deepen your knowledge, expand your experience, and build your confidence in playing upside down!

Carling Harps's "Strong & Steady" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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Learn to cultivate both peace and balance in your Yoga practice by injecting a perfect blend of strong flows, healing restoratives and breathwork.

This month-long series consists of six classes to improve your physical strength, introduce newfound mental clarity, and establish a deeper connection between your mind and body. I will guide you through 3 physically challenging asana practices that focus on alignment and skill to bring new awareness; 2 healing restoratives that will help settle your mind and create new space in your body; and 1 Pranayama breathing class to re-center and reconnect.

Over the next 30 days we will use Yoga as a means of self-care to improve your mood, better yourself, and re-energize you from within.

Carling Harps's "Smooth & Free" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This plan is all about feeling good, honoring your body, and exploring your Yoga practice.

This month-long series will help you gain a better understanding of your unique body through movement with a nervous system soothing balance of challenging physical asana practice, breath, and restorative work. We will incorporate flow-based movements to create space, connect with your body, and integrate soothing recovery work into your Yoga routine.

The plan consists of 6 videos that provide you with a well-rounded physical and mental practice: 3 dynamic flow classes that will allow you to find and play with your balance, free up your spine, and discover your breath; 2 restorative practices designed to ground, cultivate ease, and help you unwind; and the final video is a guided 3-part Pranayama breathing practice.

Patrick Beach & Carling Harps's "Powerful Backbends" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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Backbends are therapeutic, healing and can challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. Incorporating them into your practice helps you present a more positive and lifted version of yourself to the world. This series will help to open up the front body and bring new space, awareness and life into the places within yourself that are often closed off.

This series consists of five videos, four of which target specific body parts like the hips, shoulders and thoracic spine. The final class is where all of the previous teachings culminate and where you can apply your backbending skills in a full-length flow.

Together we’ll move, breathe and flow to open the areas in your body needed to achieve a deep and fulfilling backbend practice.

Plus, these bonuses only available with the bundle

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90-Day Practice Calendar
A 90-day practice calendar that gives you day-by-day instructions to build your skills, gain a stronger understanding of your body, and expand your yoga practice.
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Honor Your Body Nutrition Guide
Feel good from the inside out with Carling's favorite whole-food recipes and nutrition tips!

See what people are saying about these plans

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Assaf B

"It's so much fun working out with Patrick! You almost forget how hard and challenging those poses are. This plan is very flowing, very fun and very calming. It's sweating with a smile. It helped me learn how to activate my core and to understand how the core works in different postures. These workouts reminded me that it’s important not to take the yoga practice too seriously, to have fun with it, and enjoy the journey. Thanks, Patrick!"

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Chimsom O

"I can honestly say, hands down, that Next Level Core is one of the best plans I have used on CodyApp. It has allowed me to build strength and core awareness like I never have been able to do before. But, beyond physical strength, I have gained confidence, peace, and mindfulness throughout my practice that lets me know that it’s okay to fail sometimes, it’s okay to forgo that last rep, it’s okay to not be "perfect" because the connection you make with your body through your practice is a gift unlike any other. And it’s a gift that has blessed me in all aspects of my life."

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Misha J

"I love Patrick's style of teaching, he teaches in a way that keeps you grounded to the present, which makes for a more meaningful and focused practice. The program flows really well, as it focuses on core intensity the first few classes then leads to a more comprehensive core activation throughout a conventional yoga flow. Most importantly, his humor makes it easier to connect and stay engaged in a virtual experience. This is a fun and challenging plan that truly takes your entire practice to the next level!"

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Jeff B

"Next level core is intelligently designed and has helped me with my practice immensely. I originally bought it to help my inversion practice, but the increased strength and awareness crosses over into all parts of my yoga experience. Although the poses that Patrick incorporates into these videos can be a little challenging at first, it is amazing to watch your own progression through the 30-day program. I use this package to supplement my regular practice, and I really like how the short videos can be crammed into a hectic schedule. I think anyone looking to take the next step into core development would benefit from this awesome plan!"

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Bernd G

"Next Level Core is amazing. Patrick’s way of teaching is full of knowledge, humor and respect. Thanks to this plan I can take my yoga practice to a higher level. I made progress after the first week just by becoming more aware of how to engage the core. He talks you through every pose and makes you understand it so much better. The use of vinyasas and arm balances makes it so much more fun to strengthen the core."

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Danielle B

"Next Level Inversions is definitely a new favorite of mine and it's really helping me explore new and exciting ways of building strength and awareness for my inversions! It's thorough, effective and super fun and in a short time am already seeing progress. I absolutely love connecting and sharing with others by practicing together on Cody!"

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Sarah E

"Next Level Inversions is exactly what I've been waiting for. I started the plan to improve my handstands, but at the same time it made me fall in love with yoga and all types of inversions. Patrick explains every step so well and tells you which areas to activate in order to do the inversions that it makes things a lot easier. And even if I can’t get the headstand or handstand yet, that’s okay – I’ll just keep trying!"

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Leon J

"Though I’ve always wanted to incorporate inversions into my practice, I never felt particularly comfortable… I always felt a little out of control or I didn’t feel I had the strength to remain inverted as long as I wanted to. Patrick’s plan has really helped me to not only focus on developing strength in the correct areas required for successfully controlled inversions, but also taught me to understand how the positioning of my hips affects my balance, allowing me to minimize the effort required to remain upside-down. After each workout I can immediately see the benefits in my practice!"

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