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Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as an alternate. After retiring from competition, Dave helped coach his alma mater, Stanford University, to an NCAA Team Title in 2009. ...

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No matter your goal as an athlete, a strong core is essential to maximizing your potential. This 2-part series will teach you to train like a gymnast with no equipment! You'll improve your form, engage your entire midline, and establish serious core strength to advance your current fitness activity.

We begin with my Core Virtuosity series, where we’ll tackle three main points: 1) to gain body awareness and control through static holds, 2) create shapes with the body such as arch and hollow positions, and 3) to strengthen the core, which will allow you to progress to higher-level movements. You will be challenged with one of five workouts that will ignite your core and develop serious midline strength, which includes your hip flexors, abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes and hamstrings!

After completing Core Virtuosity, you graduate to my Max Core Challenge plan where you’ll be challenged with 25 different videos and two weekly assessment videos! Each 5-15 minute video will test you with a fun yet challenging array of highly effective core-targeting workouts and rep schemes.

Let's see if you can keep up :)

2 Plans included in this Bundle

Dave Durante's "Max Core Challenge" Online Video Workouts on Cody

Are you looking to seriously work your core and build solid midline strength? In this 30-day program you'll be tested with a fun yet challenging array of highly effective workouts and rep schemes designed to ignite and develop your entire midline!

This series is not just about aesthetics or a six-pack, rather it’s about learning to engage and control your whole midsection including hip flexors, abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes and hamstrings!

Over the next month I will guide you through 23 unique workouts and two weekly assessment videos, where you will track your progress and witness your developing strength!

Each video ranges from 5-15 minutes, and they are meant to be short and intense. The exercises will target different areas each day and the difficulty will span from easy to advanced, so your body will be met with a new challenge every day!

Dave Durante's "Gymnastics Core Virtuosity" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This month-long plan is designed to dramatically increase your core strength and control. There will be 3 key take aways with this series. First, is the understanding and creation of body shapes (hollow, arch, and beyond). Second, is the importance of working static holds to truly develop full body competency. And lastly, is to strengthen your core so you are properly conditioned and strong once more advanced gymnastics movements are introduced.

In the world of fitness, gymnastics is the pinnacle of body weight movement and building a strong core sets the necessary foundation. If you want to learn to train like a gymnast, this is where to begin.

This plan consists of 5 different workouts as well as a fitness assessment that will measure your progress during our time together. Each of the five workouts will target and challenge your entire midline: hip flexors, abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. This plan is recommended for someone who already has a fitness routine. No equipment is required!

This is the perfect plan to build your core strength and open up your ability to take steps towards higher-level bodyweight and gymnastics movements.

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Andrew A

"As someone who is pretty much desk-bound the majority of the day, I've been really struggling to firm up my core and get some midline stability. After the first week I was moving up to the more difficult versions and my abs have never felt better. This plan has carried into other areas of my life: I feel comfortable at work with less back issues, my other workouts including Olympic lifts have improved and I generally feel like I'm walking taller. The way Dave talks you through the exercises – what to move, how to feel – has been a real benefit and improved my body awareness fantastically. My toes are now pointed, head neutral, and the movements are becoming more and more natural."

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John K

"I love Coach Durante's way of instructing. He's encouraging and offers different "scaling" options suitable for everyone. The program is well thought-out and I’m feeling stronger day by day. Looking forward to future programs. Thank you for this"

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Emel M

"Dave’s Core Plan has totally changed my practice. It’s a very effective plan to follow day by day for the rest of my life. I am at Day 21 and my yoga practice, running, and general posture has developed a lot thanks to this series. It's a must have.

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