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Dylan was born and raised in the mountains of Southern California. Having a passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle, he dedicated his life to pursuing this way of living. With a background in wrestling, rock climbing, martial arts and h...

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Bundle Overview

This two-part program is the best way for a beginner or intermediate yogi to bring strength and control while learning how to properly engage and recruit muscle into your emerging Yoga practice.

Included are over 6½ hours of content that will develop and challenge your upper body, core, back and legs along with a 30-day practice calendar to help you maximize your results.

The Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners series will teach you to how to develop and strengthen your entire body in ways not found in your normal Yoga class! We will build your skills from the ground up – going step-by-step through each posture and movement to ensure proper form and technique.

The Beginner Yoga Strength Classes plan is made up of four Vinyasa classes and one Restorative class. It is your opportunity to put everything into practice and incorporate your knowledge and increasing strength into actual flows by further strengthening the shoulders, opening the back, developing the core, and building leg strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.

NO previous yoga experience is necessary, making this bundle is ideal for a beginner. If you already have a practice, this will greatly help you advance and enhance your existing skills!

2 Plans included in this Bundle

Dylan Werner's "Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This month-long plan is the best way for any beginner to learn how to build strength and control so that when you enter a Yoga class, you will feel confident and empowered.

This series consists of 12 unique videos that are designed to build your strength across the four major Strength categories: Core, Straight and Bent Arm, Back and Legs. Each category contains three different workouts, all of which span across the 30 days to engage, develop and strengthen your entire body. NO experience is necessary, so this is ideal for a complete beginner. If you already have a practice, this will help you advance and enhance your existing skills.

This program is the perfect way to establish your own personal practice from the ground up. I will guide you step by step through each pose, posture and movement in order to build confidence and ensure proper form and technique.

Dylan Werner's "Beginner Yoga Strength Classes" Online Video Workouts on Cody

This plan will set you up for success in your growing Yoga practice by taking the skills and techniques from my Yoga Strength Basics plan and applying them to 30-minute Vinyasas.

Each of the five flows focus on a different topic such as Vinyasa building, core power, backbends, and mobility to deepen your emerging skills while you simultaneously increase and challenge your upper and lower body strength.

If you haven't taken my Yoga Strength Basics program, but you’re just getting into Yoga and want to move, flow and practice your movements while getting stronger and more flexible, this plan will get you there!

Plus, this bonus only available with the bundle

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30-Day Practice Calendar (PDF)
A 30-day practice calendar to help you build your Yoga strength and develop your emerging practice.

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Patricia F

"I started my yoga journey about six months ago, and Dylan’s Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners has been a crucial part in my practice. As someone who spends most of her time sitting down, I have always suffered from back pain and poor posture. By practicing every day – and with Dylan’s heartfelt, clear, funny and awesome explanations – I have learned to recruit muscles that I never imagined I had, which has helped in so many ways with my posture. I have not suffered from back pain since. Videos like “Mobility & Movement” are essential to our well-being, and I can’t thank Dylan enough for the positive impact it has in my life. I feel a lot healthier and stronger since I have started this plan. This program has allowed me to “Be My Best Me”, and I can’t wait to further my journey into yoga! Namaste Dylan and Cody! "

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