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Dylan grew up in the mountains of Southern California, where at an early age he was into fitness, movement, extreme sports, and nature. At 18, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as an aircraft firefighter, and also wrestled for the A...

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For a well-rounded practice, it’s vital to incorporate strength, breathing, flexibility and meditation. This bundle is a culmination of all of this.

This bundle combines my Advanced True Strength plan along with True Flexibility. These two programs were designed to perfectly compliment each other because as we work into strength, it’s important to find balance and also work into flexibility.

This is the next step in the True Strength series and is intended for any intermediate or advanced practitioner who wants to further develop their skills to take on more difficult and challenging postures, flows and transitions.

The strength-building exercises, routines, and techniques will strengthen your body so you can hold poses longer and deepen your craft. The flexibility-building practices will magnify your strength by showing you how to utilize your whole muscle, rather than only a part of it.

With these practices, you will bring your strength, flexibility and yoga practice to the next level. By combining a strong and rigorous strength practice with flexibility training, you will double your potential.

2 Plans included in this Bundle

Dylan Werner's "Advanced True Strength" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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With this plan, you will push yourself harder than ever before and become stronger than you’ve ever been! Advanced True Strength is the next level after True Strength Builder II: https://www.codyapp.com/plans/true-strength-builder-ii, and includes longer, faster, workouts with more challenging static and dynamic movements. If you want to learn to workout like I do, and build strength for the hardest bodyweight movements, this is the plan for you!

This is a full body workout program. It will test the limits of your static strength, your dynamic strength, and at times even your cardiovascular strength. It includes five different workouts that are exactly what I do every day in my own practice. Each workout includes it’s own warm up, strength routine, and restorative stretch sequence. The warmup is specifically designed to get you prepped for the strength movements we’ll tackle that day.

This plan is serious! The sequences are faster, the movements are more explosive and require more dynamic range of motion. It’s very intense and recommended for those who have prepared their body through my other True Strength programs or have extensive experience with Yoga and advanced bodyweight training.

While difficult, this program is a lot of fun. If you want to discover your bodies potential, and test the limits of your true strength, while having a lot of fun exploring new movements, this is the program for you.

Dylan Werner's "True Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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With this plan you will realize your body’s full potential by unlocking your true flexibility. By working flexibility we reduce muscle resistance and increase strength without even needing to add more muscle. This flexibility plan will help you gain complete access to your strength by opening up your body through yin and yang-style stretching, dynamic stretches, static strength holds, and more.

Each of the five practices focus on a different part of the body, working to release tension and vastly improve your range of motion, regardless of your physical activity.

Also included is a Pranayama Meditation, which might be one of the most important videos I’ve ever made. Breathing is essential for movement. When you learn proper breathing and meditation, your body and mind join forces, further amplifying your strength.

To harness your true strength, you must incorporate flexibility into your workout regimen. It is key to maximizing muscle use and could be what’s holding you back from reaching your next level.

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Nicola H

"The teachings in Dylan's Advanced True Strength plan have reignited my love for yoga and bodyweight training and I’m excited about my future yoga journey. I have been practicing yoga for about five years but this plan has taken my practice to another level. I love the blend of traditional poses with imaginative exercises and feel stronger, more flexible and more focused."

Gabriel messuti
Gabriel Messuti

"This course rocks. The team feel and commitment from Dylan and the members to train everyday is beyond inspiring. Dylan's cues are on point and his sequencing is refreshing on my body. This safe fundamentals video is perfect for a new student easing their way into a practice, or the advanced practitioner looking to discover untapped potential. This product surpasses its value by leaps and bounds."

Douglas Machado

"As a fitness coach I am always looking to broaden my knowledge on fitness and other practices. Dylan Werner's strength program taugh me so much in just 10 sessions, everything for breathing to straight arm scapula strength. What I enjoyed most was the explanations on everything he was teaching and performing, it allowed me to build more trust in his program."

Donald seto 2
Donald Seto

"The True Strength plan is amazingly effective. I have never been as strong as I am right now and it's all due to Dylan Werner. He progresses you through how to activate every part of your body with increasing confidence and intensity to do things you didn’t think you could do. Every time you get on the mat you’re unlocking potential - it's very addicting!"

DJ Kaiser

"After a month with True Strength Fundamentals and a month with True Strength Builder I, I moved up to True Strength Builder II. My arms were on FIRE that first full week, but by the end of week two I was amazed how much stronger I was. I have strength, stamina, and stability to do things I never thought my body could do. My friends think I’m hitting the gym every day but it’s all been yoga and mainly Dylan’s workouts."

Kyle hair
Kyle Hair

"I have been looking for new ways to challenge myself and my fitness routines. Watching Dylan's videos like Beyond Balance really inspired me to try yoga and I haven't looked back. The True Strength series has been everything I thought it would be and more. I'm really looking forward to working through this series and reaching new levels when it comes to flexibility and strength. A massive thanks to Dylan for putting these programs together."

Jill presel
Jill Presel

"Dylan Werner's workouts seriously translate to overall strength! Everything has improved tremendously; push ups, pull-ups, crow pose, handstands, and so on. All from consistently following his endless supply of different exercises! Best workout plan I've ever done, and still not bored!"

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