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Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. With over 1 million followers on Insta...

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This 21-day series will build your physical and mental strength to reach past your self-imposed limits, to rise out of your comfort zone, and meet challenges with grace, resolve and focus.

I was not naturally strong. I started at ground zero, but with patience and resolve over the past 15 years, I have built up my strength using this exact program. We will change the habit pattern of your mind so you remain steady, balanced and calm when you learn some of yoga’s most challenging and exciting postures.

This bundle includes three plans that will build your mind while you also build your body. Levels 1 and 2 are where I share my secrets to improve your physical strength so you can one day take on poses such as Crane, Firefly and Straddle Handstand. The Meditations are where we build your mental focus so you know how to approach and overcome both internal and external challenges.

The journey into strength is also the journey to the center of yourself. And because the journey of self is crucial to the whole lifestyle commitment to yoga, I’ve included a 21-day nutrition guide full of tips, recipes and advice to help inspire you to be your most-balanced self in every aspect of your life!

3 Plans included in this Bundle

Kino MacGregor's "Be Strong Level I" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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This 10-day series applies both theory and thought to uncover the layers within yourself and expose the stronger, more cognizant person underneath. Strength is not just brute force or muscular ability, strength is about inner harmony and balance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or super advanced – within this plan lie the tools, tips, and techniques to help you find both spiritual and physical strength.

Level 1 of Be Strong provides you with the foundations. Each of the 10 days is completely unique – no two days are the same. You will learn how to stabilize your shoulders, pull in from your core, and to use each of the postures as a meditative journey.

As you advance your practice, I will give you the keys to unlock challenging poses such as crane, firefly, or forearm balances, but most importantly, develop the fierce strength of peace, balance, and equanimity.

Kino MacGregor's "Be Strong Level II" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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Level II of Be Strong builds upon framework of Level I by guiding you through the spiritual journey of yoga.

Over the next 11 days we will dive deeper into cultivating your strength not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually through pose and flow development as well as self-reflection.

You will learn about arm balances, handstands and headstands plus get a deep introduction into core strength. All of the movements and postures in Level II will build upon the tips, techniques and teachings introduced in Level I.

Yoga is not just a physical practice but also an emotional and mental journey to the center of yourself. This course will teach you how to rid yourself of the extraneous thoughts that hold you back from being your freer, happier self.

When you're ready to Be Strong, you're ready to be yourself - your true self - in the real world, and to discover yourself as you've always known yourself to truly be at your most fundamental level: happy, joyous and free.

I hope this bundle inspires you to be your most peaceful and harmonious self in every moment of your life!

Kino MacGregor's "Be Strong Meditations" Online Video Workouts on Cody
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The journey into strength is both mental and physical. In this meditation series, I guide you to develop your most calm and equanimous mind through deep meditation and reflection.

At some point in your yoga journey, you may have felt that you reached your physical limit, but that is actually a mental issue, not a physical one. This common mental roadblock is what we will confront and dissolve in this meditation series.

I designed these five meditations so you can be strong in your mind as well as your body. By discovering your true and natural state of peace and balance, you will strengthen your practice and unlock your mental reserve as you continue on your yoga journey.

Plus, this bonus only available with the bundle

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21-day Recipe & Nutrition Guide (PDF)
A 21-day nutrition guide full of tips, recipes and advice to help inspire you to be your most-balanced self in every aspect of your life!

See what people are saying about these plans

Caitlin Smith

"Kino’s programs have done wonders for my practice. Thanks to her, I have activated my core and upper body strength in a whole new way, which has allowed me to successfully lift up into a headstand after years of trying! I would recommend Kino to anyone – she is an amazing teacher who makes everything accessible, fun and she inspires me to deepen my practice."

LaRae Brownewell

"Kino reminds us that true strength comes from within. Even though we are working on external poses, we are also examining what is happening internally and developing strength within ourselves. I can feel the strength and empowerment that Kino's Be Strong series is creating in my body and mind. Thank you, Kino!"

Francesca Callan

"I've been practicing yoga for a couple years, but got more serious about my practice recently. This was a great way to bring me back to basics - starting with the breath, activating the pelvic floor, and moving through the movements with purpose. Her positive energy is infectious and her constant reassurance is always well-timed during difficult postures. Thank you, Kino!"

Chantal barton
Chantal Barton

"I have shed a lot of physical and emotional weight because Kino gives amazing instructions in these videos. Not just on how to work into each posture, but how to look into the deepest parts of yourself and find the willingness to change and grow. My muscles have never been so sore and my heart has never been so light!"

Olga dossa
Olga Dossa

"As a yoga teacher who is trained in a therapeutic form of yoga, I have been so impressed with Kino's Be Strong bundle. Kino is helping me to build physical strength in a way that is gentle, encouraging and super inspiring. I always feel stronger, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually when I do Kino's programme. Kino is so radiant and always inspires me to get on to my mat. I feel like I am practicing with my best friend. Thank you, Kino!"

Fay lee thung
Fay Lee Thung

"Kino's Be Strong bundle has taught me to redefine what I see strength to be. I have learned that strength is not about muscling through postures and life, but finding a sense of ease and softness and allowing yourself to be truly open to the possibilities the world has to offer. These videos have helped me to find a new inner strength within myself that I never thought possible. Through challenging my physical strength on my mat, I am able to hone in my energy and find a way to approach challenges in my day-to-day life with a new sense of grace and strength. Thank you Kino for helping me down this wonderful path of yoga!"

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