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Live in the movement

Welcome to Cody, a community that is united because we love to move. At Cody we connect physical movement, technology, and community into a fun fitness experience that lets you focus on what’s really important: Being present in the moment so you can truly enjoy the sweat, strength, and triumph of each workout.

We believe that fitness is a state of being. We don’t move so we can be measured; we move so we can feel alive.

Come live in the movement with us.


Our story starts... as a humble iOS app developed by two entrepreneurs who taught themselves how to code in 2012. In fact, we are called “Cody” because our co-founders mission was to “code” the ideal fitness coach into existence!

After some trial & error, a good amount of bootstrapping, and countless all-nighters, Cody exploded onto the fitness scene with the introduction of our video training plans. Fast forward to 2018: We are now a team of 19 developers, videographers, photographers, marketers, writers, and designers, working together to bring you the best fitness experience we could dream up.

Pejman Pour-Moezzi
Recorded dozens of hip-hop tracks as DJ Pee-Jay in high school
Paul Javid
Bhangra Wedding Dancer King
Sophia Herbst
Acquisition Marketing Manager
Recently found out Narwhals are real
Jeff Reid
Director of Post-Production
Has watched the entire LOST series 6 times through
Bob Gaszak
Visual Designer
Multi-instrumentalist music connoisseur
Amy Richards
Shuffleboard Shark
Kramer Campbell
Full Stack Developer
I'm awesome!
Miranda Todd
Video Editor
I'm related to Pocahontas
Mike Folden
Lifestyle Production Lead
I have double jointed thumbs.
Brynn Regan
Marketing Director
Set record for consecutive days wearing sweatpants
Griffin Johnston
Videographer / Photographer
I'm left handed
Casey Berner
Video Editor
My family was good friends with Mister Rogers.
Sanie Keller
Content Marketing Associate
Chooses leggings over pants, any day of the week
Alanna Whitaker
Email Marketing Associate
Needs more yoga and fewer video games
Allie Sharp
Customer Success Associate
Avocado Queen
Anna Douglas
Social Marketing Associate
All things yoga
Christopher Dimitri Sastropranoto
Front End Developer
Angular ftw

Our happy-place

Cody is proud to be part of the Seattle startup community. We are fortunate enough to be in a region full of artists, geeks, dreamers, risk-takers, and people who think, “Weird is good. Weirder is better”.

In 2014, we moved into a beautiful office space in the vibrant community of Capitol Hill, which shares our company values of inclusiveness and acceptance for people from all walks of life.

Our open-space office layout cultivates a culture of friendship and collaboration within the team. Plus, we have extra space for yoga mats. Office workout, anyone?

P.S. Go Hawks!

Work forCody

Join the Cody Team!

Here at Cody, we are a small team dedicated to helping people accomplish their goals and become the best version of themselves. We are a diverse group of creatives who make sure the only difficult thing about working out is the workout itself.

How do we do it? By fostering a company culture that values employees taking initiative, rising to new challenges, and remaining flexible in a rapidly-evolving industry. Our team is our biggest asset, and we offer competitive pay + equity, health benefits, and a flexible vacation policy.

Sound like your cup of tea? Apply today!

“The only journey is the one within.”
Rainer Maria Rilke