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Cody gives you everything you need to get fit anytime, anywhere

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All video is formatted to work on your PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet. Use our mobile apps to download videos for offline access.

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Connect with other plan members, trade tips and cheer each other on as you make progress.

All-Star Coaches

Cody coaches are experts in their fields. They get results, while making sure you have fun along the way.

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Your access to a plan never expires. Watch it hundreds of times and never pay another dime.

High-Quality Video

Videos on Cody are long-format and tightly edited to deliver the best learning experience.

Friendly Support

Our helpful, expert team is here to help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us whenever you have a question.

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Our iPhone and Android apps connect you with other plan members and keep track of your training progress

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Our 100,000+ members have collectively logged more than 20,000,000 minutes of exercise

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School Teacher

"When I'm not in the mood to kill it in the weightroom all I have to do is get on Cody and all the amazing people inspire me to get going!"

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Owner, FuBarbell

"Cody is the best online training platform. I can connect directly with my students, see how they're progressing, and chime in with advice."

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"Fitness app Cody lets you choose the internet's best workouts."

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